Everyone has a story...

Brands are no different. Video can significantly enhance brand influence across media platforms. With the proliferation of so many social media platforms, video has become essential in many companies marketing toolkits.

We live in an era of constant interaction. People can interact with brands as easily as they can with their closest family members and friends. In fact, people are enthusiastic about sharing their brand experiences with their sphere of influence.

Video is an excellent tool for use internally as well. It has been reported that the brain processes video 60,000 times faster than text. Bring video into your training regime for a better informed workforce that will serve your clients and customers more effectively.

My goal is to bring video to your brand.

Through an ever-evolving repertoire of techniques and resources, I'm able to take the stress of adding the benefits of video to a company's digital strategy.

From planning a production to shooting and editing, I work to provide top quality video while keeping clients and stakeholders at ease throughout the course of production.

I have been building a process that puts my client's needs first and foremost as well as keeping brand managers informed, ensuring the only surprises are pleasant ones.

Video is a powerful medium and I truly enjoy the challenge of making all types of stories come to life.